Norg’s inner painting

Ordinary simplicity, thankfully, is not his forte. Norg likes the unsaid, the inextricable, and the out of the ordinary. The mediums used are manifold, the techniques inventive, and their prodigious assemblage is so uncertain and disconcerting that he appears to be coming from another world, in which cultural norms are alongside the unthinkable.

Territories of fantastical technology surround outlandish, vaguely corporal, dynamic, and vertical emergences. There are hardly any landmarks in the libertarian, gripping, and corrosive world of Norg. The eye ventures eagerly into this journey of uncertainty. Hollowed and fantastical landscapes clear out overflowed evidences.
Strange and evasive totems border on improbable talismans, to such an extent that this incredibly plural and personal art appears laden with an active and intimate magic. However, the keys have disappeared. The graphics are stimulating and playful, as if the pleasure of chaos could give an end to the suffocating order of things.

But Norg’s world organizes itself within this chaos, bearer of life and nonsense. Norg scoffs and will scoff at order and disorder till the end of times. He creates under high doses of mental oxygen, and the intellectual defeat is so exhilarating that it obliges the desalinated eye to be nourished by enigma and surprise.
If brightness is the basic alphabet for this extra-terrestrial being in his intra-painting, the transparency, all he way up to the discomfort, adds to the mystery that is imposed. It does not elucidate, but allows an entrance into a miraculous no-man’s land where human cells would be merged into fine robotized machineries. The form and the formless would become one in order to « create » an ironic world, scabrous and outlandish. Norg opens himself up nicely to the nonsensical, the only thing in the end that can bring real creations to life. Colors, allusive and fragile, have an inexplicable finesse.

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